Tourist Place

Know the city surroundings

Zipaquira has been marked by its colonial history and its natural wealth which, in addition to its green mountains, is favored by its main attraction, the Salt Cathedral.
Currently there are squares, buildings and museums that tell their origins and traditions such as:

  • Museo Arqueológico.
  • Casa de Guillermo Quevedo Zornosa.
  • Plaza de los Mártires.
  • Plaza de la Independencia.
  • Plaza de los Comuneros.
  • Plaza de la Esperanza.
  • Plaza Villaveces.
  • Train Station.
  • Town hall.

 Around Zipaquirá, taking a transport you can find other fascinating tourist places:

Neusa Reservoir

This natural paradise has an area of 3,700 hectares of Andean forest with pine, eucalyptus and native forest plantations, and a 900-hectare reservoir with species of fish such as rainbow trout, the captain of the savannah and the “guapucha”. Here you can practice sports fishing, water sports, sailing and mountain biking.

Guatavita Lagoon

The most famous of the sacred lagoons of the pre-Columbian culture because it was staged the legendary ritual of “El Dorado”; It’s located 47 kilometers from Zipaquira.

Jaime Duque Park

It is located 20 minutes from Zipaquira is a family theme park in which you can find wonders from around the world and stories and traditions of Colombia.

La Cabaña Alpina

The Alpina factory is located in Sopo, 17 km from Zipaquirá, where all Alpina products are sold. This is the traditional company of dairy products in the country, as such they offer to enjoy their products in the green areas of the park and participate in its different activities.

Sal kilns in Nemocón

Craft salt kilns where the tradition and customs of our ancestors are preserved. They are located in the municipality of Nemocón, 20 minutes by car from Zipaquirá.

¨Pionono¨ Ecological Park

It is a beautiful forest reserve located in Sopo at 35 minutes from Zipaquirá, it is the perfect place to interact with the environment. You can enjoy various forms of recreation, such as ecological walks, camping and the practice of some adventure sports such as paragliding and delta wing.

The Rocks of the Abra

The Abra is an archaeological site, located in the valley of the same name east of the city of Zipaquira. These stones of the Abra (or Seville) are characterized for being a rocky road with formations of multiple designs and rock pictograms, dating from 12,500 years old. The site provides services such as hiking, horseback riding and climbing.