Consolidate and maintain ourselves through constant innovation in operations as integral experts in quality, service and orientation of needs, always fulfilling the expectations of our guests, supporting the strengthening of the city as the epicenter of regional and international tourism. Always under strict criteria of sustainability, transparency, protection of the environment and social commitment.

We are a family company committed to the satisfaction of our customers, offering them and providing personalized service experiences providing all our guests with a family atmosphere that guarantees true rest. For this reason we strive to serve our visitors with quality, kindness and respect.

Zipaquirá, ha sido un municipio marcado por su historia colonial y su riqueza natural la cual además de sus verdes montañas se ve favorecida por su principal atractivo principal la Catedral de Sal. Actualmente se encuentran plazas, edificaciones y museos que cuentan sus orígenes y tradiciones

  •         High quality care.
  •        Family atmosphere


For Hotel Estación Sabana it is vital to spread and encourage an attitude of care for the environment, the promotion and safeguarding of the cultural heritage of Zipaquirá, promoting the responsible use of natural resources, as an option to minimize environmental impacts, negative socio-cultural and economic ones, in addition to enriching those positive impacts that are generated in the tourist activity, seeking to be agents of change in the hotel sector. We also commit ourselves to rejecting the sexual and commercial exploitation of children and adolescents, and encouraging the participation of other hotels in this matter, and any type of discrimination.
Attending for the continuous improvement of our services being responsible with our suppliers and counting with trained and empowered collaborators of our good practices. We also ensure the safety of our employees and guests, offering our clients services that meet their needs, and inviting our suppliers and guests to share our commitments to sustainability and thus contribute to tourism and local work, positioning the Hotel Sabana Station as an organization that promotes economic development for the region.

  1. Know the information on the management of natural, cultural and economic resources that impact the Hotel Estación Sabana. .
  2. Recreate with the sites of tourist interest in the region.
  3. Enjoy the facilities of the Estación Sabana Hotel.
  4. Know the information of the legal requirements applicable to guests for tourism and accommodation activities.
  5. Know the policies and guidelines for the provision of services at the Estación Sabana Hotel.

  1. Respect for the culture, beliefs, traditions and habits of the people of the Region.
  2. Make proper use of the facilities of the Estación Sabana Hotel.
  3. Make efficient use of natural resources.
  4. Respect the social spaces of the Sabana Station Hotel.
  5. Know and ensure the prevention of sexual exploitation of children.
  6. Comply with the contractual conditions for the provision of the service.
  7. Respect the tranquility of other guests.
  8. Separate the generated waste at the source.